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Seafood Festival 2018

Natura Seafood and Komunal 88 team up to bring you their first Seafood Festival, on Friday March 30th 2018, a Culinary Evening of Sustainable Delights.

Seafood Festival Menu

Every Chef, every Restaurateur worth his salt is obsessed with ‘mise en place’. That French culinary expression, I can only translate by: ’everything in its place’. It is the rigorous preparation of all tools, condiments, sauces and ingredients necessary to prepare the dishes before we start the service. But mise en place doesn't start in the kitchen, it starts in nature, in the farm and on the sea, because we need amazing ingredients to create delicious food.

Our dishes will never be better than the produce we use. That's the difference between a good and a fantastic dish; and while many chefs cannot accept that difference, this particular knowledge is at the core of Chef Angelo’s food philosophy: that when you are chasing after the best flavors, you're chasing after the best ingredients, and when you're chasing after the best ingredients, you are in search of great farming, great fishing, great harvesting.

That is precisely what Natura Seafood is providing to us for this Festival: amazing, sustainable ingredients, respectfully harvested from our Indonesian environment.

Let us not shy from it, let us not turn a blind eye: behind every dish, there is death. We are taking from our planet, for our sustenance and for our pleasure. So at Komunal 88, when we kill something, we clean it and eat the whole of it. This is our way to respect the life we have taken and respect the natural environment it grew up in, by taking only what we need, and using all of it. This is why we have long ago chosen to highlight a Mahatma Gandhi quote in our dining room that exemplifies our sustainability pledge:
‘The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed’.

The Festival is the story of one full Tuna, harvested from the Banda Sea and air flown from Maluku to Jakarta to be present at every step of our Seafood Festival. It is the story of the fishing communities whose back breaking work has provided us with the animals we have prepared. Our Seafood Festival is the time to discover all the ways, all the techniques that we use at Komunal 88 to prepare delicious food.

Join us and experience the great seafood Festival on Friday March 30th. As always, we are limiting the number of guests that can join us for the evening, so that we have plenty of food and drinks, so that we are not overly crowded, and so that you may reasonably easily find a seat* and table to share with your friends.

Don't wait! Book now and pre-pay at the special price of Rp. 190,000 net per person to avoid disappointment.

On the day, if there is still space to accommodate walk-in guests, latecomers will be charged Rp. 250,000++. Click here [email protected] to email us your number of guests or you can contact Grace on 08111627493 and receive your official pass for the event.